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Registered under Societies Registration Act, 1860 (Regn.No. S/2315/Distt.South/2017

327, First Floor, Masjid Moth, South Extension Part -2, Andrews Gunj, South Delhi 110049

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President: Raj Kachroo  |  Secretary: Parbodh Bali  |  Treasurer: Bharat Vasoya

Editorial Board

Bharat Vasoya

Dr. Anjali Chakrovorty

Pravin Patel

Executive Committee of National Federation of Societies for Fast Justice

  • President
  • Raj Kachroo
  • Vice-President
  • Capt. S.C. Tripathy
  • Secretary
  • Parbodh Bali
  • Treasurer
  • Bharat Vasoya
  • Members
  • Dinesh Soni
  • Santosh Shetty
  • Rajendra Thacker
  • S. Mukhtar Ahmad
  • Sri. Thomas Pettah
  • Smt. Anjali Chakravorty
  • Smt. Anjali Chakravorty
  • Sri Yudhishthir Moharana

Board of Trustees Forum for Fast Justice

  • Chairman Emeritus
  • Sri Bhagwanji Raiyani
  • Immediate Past Chairman
  • Sri O.P.Monga
  • General Secretary
  • Sri Ashish Mehta
  • National Convener & Hon. Trustee
  • Sri Pravin Patel
  • Member Trustees
  • Sri Ramesh Kankia
  • Sri Prakash Khatiwala
  • Sri Rajendra Thacker
  • Sri Vankatraman Murlidhar
  • Sri Manoj Champanerkar
  • Mrs. Atithi Patel




Publication of the digital version of the NYAY DISHA is a great step forward to carry on the exemplary movement started by the Forum for Fast Justice, Mumbai since 2007, which is now extended to the National Federation of Societies for Fast Justice. Forum for Fast Justice has already been publishing its in-house journal quarterly and now transformed into digital form of publication. The objective of the journal is to expand the horizon of judicial awareness for its members and readers across the country as also among non-resident Indians living in various countries.

Our esteemed readers are already aware of the recent trends in judicial reforms under the global perspectives. This digital publication will touch upon these in a more prolific manner with emphasis to technology and new trends.

The reason for the poor condition of Indian Judiciary in timely justice delivery system is not one. Rather it’s a complex set of multiple reasons. It has been proved that the national government, state governments, the statesman in ruling party and in opposition platforms are all well aware of the causes of our extraordinary delayed justice. but due to the interest of Party- Politics – to save the members having criminal cases on them and also those who are corrupt within their political parties. They refrain from remedying it and hence, let down the hones of the innumerable voters, especially the underprivileged. Unfortunately, the Chief Justice and his co-brothers are also not out of this orbit.

We need simultaneous reforms of administration, police and judiciary but who will bell the cat? People with vested interests don’t want to implement this in full heart and that is the sole reason for the failure of many good laws/ schemes.

Hence, the need of the hour is a third independent body which can act as an enabler between the law makers and the implementing authority, thereby, upholding the real spirit of the Constitution of India. We, at Nyay Disha, are committed to this very vision.

Dr. Anjali Chakravorty, for & on behalf of Editorial team

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