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Establishing a Legal Aid Clinic at Kanpur an Initiate of Kanpur Society for Fast Justice in Association with Dav Law College, Kanpur

Establishing a Legal Aid Clinic at Kanpur an Initiate of Kanpur Society for Fast Justice in Association with Dav Law College, Kanpur

By Capt. S.C.Tripathi, President, Kanpur Society for Fast Justice
Vice President, National Federation of Societies for Fast Justice, New Delhi.

Seeking justice and specifically speedy dispensation of justice is our fundamental right guaranteed by state under Articles and the Preamble of the Constitution of India. It is also a constitutional obligation of state under article 39A. However, our snail paced justice delivery system is buried under its own weight of about 3.72 crore cases pending from lower courts to the Supreme Court. It is shocking but hard fact that in criminal cases, it takes 15-20 years while civil cases take 25-30 years on average to decide. This is not the end but beginning of next battle at higher courts where lot of costs are involved. While Mafias, Criminals, corrupt and habitual law breakers backed with money power are very much comfortable with such situation as they have no fear of law who hire leading high profile advocates to play with our justice delivery system. While on the other side, ordinary citizens and more particularly the poor and downtrodden are gradually losing faith on our justice delivery system. This is confirmed with the fact that only 1% of our populations are litigants compared to 40% in United States of America.

In order to help the poor and downtrodden in their quest for Justice, National Legal Aid Service Authority provides required help as per their norms but reality is that many poor and needy do not even know about the facilities that are available and also even those who approach face practical difficulties as such most people prefer to suffer rather than knock at the door of justice. National Federation of Societies for Fast Justice to which Kanpur Society for Fast Justice is associated have taken their first step forward by having a meeting with DAV Law College, Kanpur on August 3. 2018 for setting up a Legal Aid Clinic using state of the art technology.

Capt. S.C.Tripathi and his team members Sri Kaushal Kishore Sharma and Sri Nikhil Tripathi had detailed discussion in the matter with Sri B.P.Ojha, Principal of DAV Law College and Shri A.K.Bhatt and Sri Yeteendra Shuka, both faculty members of the said law college. Modalities involved in setting up the Legal Aid Centre and how it will work was discussed at length. Capt. Sri S.C.Tripathi proposed to DAV Law College to provide a room equipped with furniture and computer set up along with round the clock internet connection etc. After brief discussion, DAV Law College team led by their principal Sri B.P.Ojha accepted the offer and also promptly ordered for setting up the required facilities at the earliest.

Conference on Forest

Meeting of DAV Law College with Kanpur Society for Fast Justice on August 3, 2018

Shri Raj Kachroo, National President of Societies for Fast justice was subsequently informed over phone who agreed to provide technical help required for smooth functioning of the legal Aid Centre and make it one of the best in this field.

The meeting concluded with a note that the next meeting will be held on August 11, 2018 on which day, a volunteer team from among the final year students will be selected that will operate and handle the system to be established in the Legal Aid Clinic with help of senior faculty and other social volunteers from among the advocate.

It is also decided that on 12th of August, 2018, a program “ADALAT AAPKE DWAR” will be held at Malik Guest House, Bara Devi crossing, Kanpur, by Kanpur Society for Fast Justice. At this program, besides members & well wishers of Kanpur Society for Fast Justice, volunteers, Law college students and senior faculty of DAV Law College will also participate.

Sri Pravin Patel, National Convener & Trustee, Forum for Fast Justice & Sri Raj Kachroo, President of National Federation of Societies for Fast Justice has conveyed their best wishes to both Kanpur SFFJ team and DAV Law College for all the success.

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