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President: Raj Kachroo  |  Secretary: Parbodh Bali  |  Treasurer: Bharat Vasoya

Editorial Board

Bharat Vasoya

Dr. Anjali Chakrovorty

Pravin Patel

Executive Committee of National Federation of Societies for Fast Justice

  • President
  • Raj Kachroo
  • Vice-President
  • Capt. S.C. Tripathy
  • Secretary
  • Parbodh Bali
  • Treasurer
  • Bharat Vasoya
  • Members
  • Dinesh Soni
  • Santosh Shetty
  • Rajendra Thacker
  • S. Mukhtar Ahmad
  • Sri. Thomas Pettah
  • Smt. Anjali Chakravorty
  • Smt. Anjali Chakravorty
  • Sri Yudhishthir Moharana

Board of Trustees Forum for Fast Justice

  • Chairman Emeritus
  • Sri Bhagwanji Raiyani
  • Immediate Past Chairman
  • Sri O.P.Monga
  • General Secretary
  • Sri Ashish Mehta
  • National Convener & Hon. Trustee
  • Sri Pravin Patel
  • Member Trustees
  • Sri Ramesh Kankia
  • Sri Prakash Khatiwala
  • Sri Rajendra Thacker
  • Sri Vankatraman Murlidhar
  • Sri Manoj Champanerkar
  • Mrs. Atithi Patel


Message from Raj Kachroo, President, National Federation of SFFJ

Message from Raj Kachroo, President, National Federation of SFFJ

Raj Kachroo
National Federation of Societies for Fast Justice
New Delhi

On the release of this first volume of Digital Nyay Disha in the home state of its Editor in Chief, Sh. Bharat Vasoya, on 18th August 2018, I convey my best wishes, thanks & gratitude to the team that has put together this first digital volume. Nyay Disha has served our cause well in the past. I am sure it will continue to promote awareness amongst public, bureaucrats, politicians, judiciary, think tanks, academics etc. on problems that ordinary peoples of our country face because of lack of access to justice; delays & harassment in courts & the poor quality of judgments.

Through Aman Movement, I work on providing access to Justice to women. Many women have told me that they do not wish to go to court because it is easier for them to deal with an abusive husband than to deal with touts, incompetent lawyers & insensitive judges and the delays & the harassment & the heartache. Dealing with the abusive husband is only one problem but seeking justice in a court of law is an invitation to hundred problems. It is a curse. Before anybody gets offended I wish to say it clearly that these may be my words but the sentiment is that of millions of Indians, particularly, the poor, marginalized & weak. We as a nation have failed to protect our weak & the vulnerable.

The least we can do, through Nyaya Disha, is to put a mirror in front of the Judiciary for them to see for themselves what public thinks of this great institution of democracy. I wish the team of Digital Nyay Disha well & hope that their enthusiasm will not fade away in the face of an unconcerned judiciary.

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