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President: Raj Kachroo  |  Secretary: Parbodh Bali  |  Treasurer: Bharat Vasoya

Editorial Board

Bharat Vasoya

Dr. Anjali Chakrovorty

Pravin Patel

Executive Committee of National Federation of Societies for Fast Justice

  • President
  • Raj Kachroo
  • Vice-President
  • Capt. S.C. Tripathy
  • Secretary
  • Parbodh Bali
  • Treasurer
  • Bharat Vasoya
  • Members
  • Dinesh Soni
  • Santosh Shetty
  • Rajendra Thacker
  • S. Mukhtar Ahmad
  • Sri. Thomas Pettah
  • Smt. Anjali Chakravorty
  • Smt. Anjali Chakravorty
  • Sri Yudhishthir Moharana

Board of Trustees Forum for Fast Justice

  • Chairman Emeritus
  • Sri Bhagwanji Raiyani
  • Immediate Past Chairman
  • Sri O.P.Monga
  • General Secretary
  • Sri Ashish Mehta
  • National Convener & Hon. Trustee
  • Sri Pravin Patel
  • Member Trustees
  • Sri Ramesh Kankia
  • Sri Prakash Khatiwala
  • Sri Rajendra Thacker
  • Sri Vankatraman Murlidhar
  • Sri Manoj Champanerkar
  • Mrs. Atithi Patel


Message from Bhagvanji Raiyani Ji

Message from Bhagvanji Raiyani Ji

Sri Bhagvanji Raiyani
Chairman, Emeritus,
Forum For Fast Justice

I am extremely happy that after a long wait of several months the digital version of NYAY DISHA is born. My heartiest congratulations to Bharat Vasoya, the Editor, Raj Kachroo, National President of Societies For Fast Justice and to you. The delay is attributed in identifying a right team which can publish such unique bi-monthly House Journal uninterruptly reaching not only to our member Societies but to all MPs, High Court Judges, important NGOs and prominent personalities and philanthropist in the country and abroad.

Your Forum is in 11th year of its activities across the country. Federation was born on 2nd October 2016 at Emerald Hotel, Mumbai in the August presence of all Forum trustees and Federation Executives. Thus Federation is national and needs special care for its spectacular growth. I am sure that even under heavy odds, Raj Kachroo will take it to its pinnacle with the active involvement of his executives and member Societies. Mr. Kachroo, unless you plunge headlong, keeping other engagements greatly reduced, you will not be able to give justice to the challenging and onerous task of building the truly beneficial national movement of Fast Justice to be induced in various sectors of governance including our lame duck judiciary.

First and foremost work is to have zonal / regional elections as stipulated in the Federation MOU and holding their quarterly meetings, outlining the Annual Convention agenda, activating the Societies with proper training and motivating them to have periodical public meetings with expert speakers of different fields and thus getting place in media which can generate funds for welfare activities. Societies may be inspired to launch their own websites and legal aid clinic with involvement of socially minded local advocates.

The equally important is to fearlessly involve and induct local litigants who are languishing in the courts since years and decades with no results. Quoting Kavi Nanalal’s words: ‘Parth (Arjun) Se Kaho, Chadave Apana Baan (Dhanushya), Ab to Yuddha Hi Kalyan’. Or invoke all-out nonviolent war for justice. Sounds harsh and hard? Any option? I am convinced NO. My colleagues may advise for co-operation and consultative approach to the authorities for reaching to the goal of easy access to justice which is not possible when 34% of our MPs are facing criminal cases and almost equal no. of thousands of judges and lakhs of advocates are in corrupt practices across the country.

Whether you like it or not, we, the judicial activists will have to gulp the bitter pills of aggressive countrywide agitation and make vast multitude to swallow that bitter pill.

I insist that our next NATCON-19 shall seriously discuss this issue of intensifying our movement in aggressive mode.

Bhagvanji Raiyani

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